Check Pure saffron -शुद्ध केसर ??


Saffron, known as ‘Kesar’ in India, is perhaps one of the most expensive spices in the world. Since Kashmir is the only place in India famous for growing saffron, contains Croccus compound (i.e. Crocin) which make its taste bitter. 

Adulterant : Dried tendrils of maizecob


1. Genuine saffron will not break easily like artificial saffron.
2. Fake saffron is prepared by soaking maize cob (corn husk) in sugar and coloring it with coal tar color.
3. A bit of pure saffron when allowed to dissolve in water or milk, will give saffron color after few minute and will continue so long as long as it lasts but fake saffron will give instant color and after few minute thread look like corn husk.
4. You can take 1 or 2 strand in between your teeth and taste for bitterness and hence serves a active agent to maintain body temperature. Adulterated saffron may be sweet in taste.
5. Saffron should have low moisture and should not be dried and crisp.

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